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CV Maritha Östlund-Homsten
ATIBOX in Hungary 2021

I got my first boxer in 1972 and was then just a young dog-interested teenager.
I do not really know why it became a boxer, but it was kind of obvious in some way. Maybe because the boxer temperament reflected my own personality…

My first litter was born in 1976 and soon after I met my husband, Sven. I brought two bitches and Sven two males to the dog family. When we were going to have a kennel prefix, one of the old special judges in Sweden said, that the choice of prefix was easy to find out… Teamwork… I, with my interest in Shows and Sven with his interest in working with dogs and mentality.

We have bred one or two litters per year since then, and are proud to say that we have had Champions and highly merited dogs in working trial from most litters, as well as that most dogs from us are hip x-rayed and have completed the Swedish mental test, which gives the title KORAD.

We have had several prominent dogs over the years. Many have Annual Winner titles, conquered the Dog of the Year, through successful competition become the Best Working Dog of the year.

Among many very well-known Boxers from us, are the most famous Teamwork’s S-litter, with Teamwork Simsalabim and Teamwork Savannah. Simsalabim/Maggie, gave birth to some really top winning boxers from our breeding, and Savannah/Stina was the mother of a top winning female born at another Swedish breeder.

Both Sven and I have worked with our dogs ourselves, but the best one of us is Sven who has had several dogs at the highest level in Swedish Working Trials.

We are both judges, I am a Show judge and Sven judge in working trials and mental tests, so we always have a lot to discuss around the dinner table…

I had my authorization as FCI judge in 1997 and have had the great pleasure of judging thousands of Boxers in 22 countries around the world.

I have been active in the Swedish Boxing Club since I had my first boxer, and been its President for several years, responsible for breeding and health issues as well as breeder issues. For 11 years I worked in the Swedish Working Dog Club's Central Board and was responsible for breeding and health issues.

I am currently vice chairman of the Swedish Boxer Club, and second vice chairman of the Swedish Kennel Club and chairman of the Swedish Kennel Club's show committee.

Learning and education is important, both for breeders, new judges and dog owners in general and I work with such issues at different levels.

Animal welfare and how they are treated, no matter where in the world we are, is especially important to me.

I always hope to be able to work for health, function, exterior and mentality within my breed, BOXER.