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Dominika Hradska

My whole life has been connected to the love of dogs. My beloved father Jozef Šuster established our boxer kennel  “Fender Edda“  in 1985. After marrying my mother Jana they started breeding boxers together. A few years later I was born and somehow I became a pure dog lover. Spending my free time in the company of our females with their babies in the whelping room, practicing obedience with adults, and walks were on my everyday to-do list.

As time went by,  I attended dog shows with my parents, and sometimes I got the opportunity to handle our puppies or not so “crazy ones“ in the show rings. One day, at the age of 8, I was discovered by a famous Slovak breeder of Welsh Springer Spaniels, who asked me to be part of their show team. It was a really great pleasure and honor to be seen with them. I attended many shows abroad with Mrs. Jana Janek’s family, who suggested to me to participate in Junior Handling competition. As an ambitious young girl, I agreed. This decision, the with a lot of  support from my parents, and knowledge from my father every time I asked, opened my doors in active cynology.

After my second year of participating in Junior Handling competitions around Europe I became “TOP JUNIOR HANDLER of Slovakia“. This title nominated me to be a Slovak representative at big events, such as World of European dog shows, but also at Crufts. It is a dream for almost every junior handler to get there, to be among the best junior handlers in the world! And this happened for me several times.

Thanks to this competition and years of breeding chihuahuas I got many many pieces of knowledge of dogs. At the time of me competing in Junior handling, we had to know not only how to handle, but also to understand show rules and to know the anatomy of dogs. For me the decision was clear – one day I want to be a judge just like my father. My dream came true in 2017 as I passed my judging exams successfully after years of studying, learning, and preparing.

I am an international judge and had the opportunity to judge not only in Slovakia but abroad as well and not only international dog shows but boxer clubs too.

Nowadays with my husband, we breed boxers together with my parents in kennel Fender Edda. My husband and I are also leaders of the Junior handling club in Slovakia and we decided to dedicate our lives to dogs, exactly how my parents have done.