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Hungária Boxer Klub

Annual Winner 2021

(Jahressieger Zuchtschau / Winner of the Year / Campionato dell Anno)




Dear Exhibitors,
The Winner of the Year Exhibition of the Hungária Boxer Club will be held at an unusual time, directly the day before the ATIBOX World Show. Due to the COVID virus, the date of the FCI Europe Show has been changed to the end of December. With the Winner of the Year show, we want to ensure the opportunity to all entrants to test their dogs at two big events over the weekend, judged by several excellent professionals. The boxer which receives the class winner title (HPJ, CAC) at the ATIBOX World Show and the Winner Show, is also entitled to apply for the Hungarian Hungária Junior Champion and the Hungária Champion title. I would also like to thank everyone who honors our events with their entry.


Dr. Iwona Magdziarska (PL) 

Korózs András (HUN)

Prof. Dr. Milos Lucic (SRB)

Anders M. Härnman (SE)


The judges will be selected by lottery for the rings on friday morning.


Online Entry, Online Meldeschein

 H E R E


Entry fee:



20 Euro 

(Minior puppy, Puppy, Veteran)

30 Euro

(Younger, Young, Intermediate, Open, Working, Champion)





25 Euro

(Minior puppy, Puppy, Veteran)


35 Euro

(Younger, Young, Intermediate, Open, Working, Champion)


Minior puppy (3-6 Month)

Puppy (6-9 Month)

Younger (9-12 Month)

Young (12-18 Month)

Intermediate (15-24 Months)

Open (from 15 Month)

Work (15 Month)

Champion (15 Month)

Veteran (from 8 Years)


Programs and time line 


08.00 -09.40



09.50 – 10.00

Opening Ceremony


10.00 – 13.00

Judgments in the rings

Selection of the best four boxer every class 


13.00 – 14.00

Lunch break



Best in Show


Ranking of the four boxers in the finals by class

issuing winner titles

choosing the most beautiful boxer of the day




Closing of the exhibition