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Beatrice Stocchi


Criminal lawyer, born with the insane passion for dogs, but only newly turned adult I was ‘allowed’ to own one, ‘cause my education have often brought me to study for long months abroad, and that’s the reason why I speak three languages accurately.

I bought in 1992 at ‘della Talpa’ Kennel, my very first boxer - a brindle female, Jasmine - out of Austriac bloodlines (her father was Carlos Von Koeningsberg).

From that day, my personal boxer’s adventure began and never stopped.

I’ve starded to show on 1993 and, in 2002, I’ve also started to work with my second della Talpa’s boxer, a male, Gastone (out from Vasco della Cadormare), the ancestor of my kennel, under which we breed with two FCI affixes ‘del Ducato di Parma’ and ‘dell’Ottava Meraviglia’.

Since 2011 we strictly breed with the essential and very close cooperation of Alessandro Tanoni, without his precious advices we wouldn’t have achieved the same results.

I currently breed with passion, uniting the three essential finalities of health, beauty and character.

We have successfully breeded and showed many dogs, which is impossibile to list completely: Italian Club Beauty Ch, Italian, Croatian, Slovenjan, Austrian Ch, Young Ch. of the year and Ch. of the year of Italy, Austria, Slovenja, Croatia, Czech Repubblic, Serbia, many placement on Atibox shows and an Atibox young fawn female winner, Batida del Ducato di Parma, on 2008.

My working carrer as handler counts dozen ZTP and Italian koerung, dozen IPO 1, some IPO 2 (placed as IPO 2 ATIBOX WM IPO winner champion on 2012) and many IPO 3 at very highs levels with my dog Jarabe di Boxerita - descendant of Gastone - (on ATIBOX IPO WM, always placed in IPO 3 level, with best obedience awarded on 2014), with whom we won the prestigious title of Italian Absolute Ch. (title that holds both Italian beauty club Ch. and work club Italian Ch.), obtained by very few boxers. With Jarabe I’ve also got the qualification of the only boxer who has won the double title of beauty jahreyoungssieger (2009) and working jahressieger (2015, with the tot score of 257 points, and best obedience and defense) and Absolute Italian Ch.

In 2014, I was on the third place podium in Italian FCI group 2 IPO Championship.

I’ve also competed in FH IPO discipline. In 2015 I won the Italian Club Championship of FH 1 Tracking. Member of Boxer Club of España, in 2016 I won the tracking Championship ‘FH Spain Cup’ in FH category. Since I’ve got many friends in this Club, I usually organize working workshops with his major representatives instructors.

I’ve organized boxer Club Shows, ZTP, Italian Koerung and IPO competitions and FH trials.

I’m also Fly Ball National judge, morphology’s judge trainer for the boxer breed and currently practising to became working IPO judge.

I’ve judged in IDS, NS, boxer club shows, Jahressiegers, in Italy and abroad (Mexico, Spain, Slovakia, Serbia, Bielorus, Czech Repubblic, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Hungary, Romania etc…).


Parma, January the 1st 2021