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Anna Bogucka

A first boxer  entered my life in 1964. It was solid brindle female of an average show quality but of perfect working abilities who moved to my family from out neighbours. She produced  one litter in 1967. In 1974, already as adult person, I bought my second boxer. This time it was a very promising show quality puppy, the flashy red male Remi-Ivo, from well known those days Polish kennel Hara. Ivo developed to an excellent show dog and even better producer. He was used to one of top that time females in Poland and the female from that combination,  Karolina Olga Greyxer, became not only unbeaten show star those days but also a valuable foundation bitch of my kennel “Nostrum” founded in 1983.

I had a great luck to start breeding with that beautiful, healthy, of great character and temperament, flashy brindle female who lived with me 14 years. Karolina had very interesting pedigree with Italian and German background. Out of famous Xanthos v.Bereler Ries she gave me, in 2 subsequent litters, my unforgetable Int.Ch, PL Ch, 2x Club Winner flashy brindle Montana and her older brother Ch. Ksiaze Pepi. All of todays Nostrum boxers come, in a straight line, from Karolina and Montana.

So far I’ve bred over 50 Champions, over 30 International Champions and 13 PL Club Winners.

In 1985 I became authorized as a boxer judge and since that time I judged boxers in most European countries including such events as World show, Atibox and many championship boxer shows (Jahressieger).

For many years I am also authorized FCI judge for not only boxers, but also for all breeds from FCI groups 2 and 8.

 Years 1985-93 and since 1997 up to 2017 I was a member of the Polish Kennel Club General Committee. Since 2017 I am a member of the Polish Kennel Club Disciplinary Board.

 1987 - 2005 I served as the v-ce President ( breeding affairs) of the Polish Boxer Club and years 2005 - 2011 I had the honour of being its  President.

This coming Atibox show is going to be the 3rd I have the honour to judge and I would like to thank The Hungarian Boxer Club and Atibox Presidium for offering me that opportunity. Remembering the wonderful event organized by Hungarian Boxer Club in 2013, I am sure that coming show will bring us same excellent impressions.